August 7, 2023

Staircase Solutions

We manufacture all our staircases from scratch to your specification

In addition to our exceptional mezzanine offerings, Mid Kent Mezzanine Limited provides a diverse array of accessories to complete your latest addition. Our extensive selection of mezzanine staircases perfectly complements our flooring solutions. After all, a new mezzanine floor serves little purpose without proper access.

Our staircases are designed to be durable, safe, and seamlessly blend with the room’s aesthetics. Mid Kent Mezzanine Limited offers a comprehensive range of staircase options, catering to various needs, from striking design features to practical access solutions. Our dedicated team will assess your requirements and recommend the ideal staircase type for your business and building.

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A Comprehensive Staircase Selection

Our staircase collection is tailored to meet your structural, aesthetic, and accessibility needs:

  • 1. Feature Staircases: These stunning staircases are not just functional but also make a visual impact. Perfect for retail and commercial environments, they enhance the overall look of a room. Whether it’s for offices, receptions, or foyers, these staircases are designed to seamlessly match your floor and surroundings.
  • 2. Part K General Access Staircases: Primarily used for industrial floors, these staircases provide easy access and escape routes. We can incorporate top and middle landings, balustrades, or wall-rails to meet your specific requirements while adhering to building regulations. Choose between painted or powder-coated finishes, or opt for galvanised for external escape staircases to enhance weather resistance and quality.
  • 3. Ambulant Staircases: Compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations Act, these staircases are designed for disabled access. They feature lower step rises, wider treads and risers, and full enclosure to prevent accidents. Depending on your flooring solution’s height, we may discuss the need for accompanying landings during the planning stage of development.


Design – Manufacture – Install

At Mid Kent Mezzanine Limited, our dedicated team comprises skilled designers, builders, and installers, all committed to the seamless execution of your project. Utilizing advanced CAD technology, our design team creates precise 3D representations of the final product, allowing us to present clients with an accurate visual representation. This meticulous planning approach empowers clients to review and ensure their satisfaction with the proposed design, enabling the building team to proceed with a fully endorsed, precise plan.

Typically, all structural components are constructed in tandem and installed concurrently, ensuring that both your mezzanine and staircase become usable as soon as they are ready. Our installation team will work closely with you to establish a schedule that aligns with your business’s convenience. We understand that time is valuable, and to minimize disruption to your daily operations, our installers are flexible, even accommodating evening and weekend work.

Our service revolves around your unique needs, providing ample opportunities for you to contribute your ideas and address any concerns. We pride ourselves on tailoring our products precisely to your specifications, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality.