April 19, 2018


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Mid Kent Mezzanine provide a complete, bespoke mezzanine floor design and installation service, complete with staircases, which are the most secure and effective means for easy access to mezzanine floors and elevated work areas. Designed to comply with British Standards, our staircases contribute to a safe and efficient work environment.

Industrial stairs are designed for easy access to mezzanine floors, and here at Mid Kent Mezzanine, we manufacture steel mezzanine staircases to the highest quality in accordance with Approved Document K**.


Technical information:
The Industrial General Access Stair has a distance of 1 metre between handrails, with a choice of either open (a standard up-stand within an industrial or storage premises) or closed (for office and retail premises) rises.

Treads that have contrasting nosing will be constructed to a rise of between 150mm (MIN) to 170mm (MAX) and going of 250mm (MIN) to 400mm (MAX). The maximum amount of rises permissible is 12 rises per flight, except in a ‘small or restricted’ premises, where 16 rises are allowable. Handrails need to be contrasting and be a minimum of 50mm diameter (50×25 RHS is acceptable), and must protrude 300mm beyond both the top and bottom tread nosing, unless it causes an obstruction to a common access route.

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**Approved Document K outlines the Building Standards for protection from falling, collision and impact, and states that stairs, ladders and ramps shall be so designed, constructed and installed as to be safe for people moving between different levels in or about the building. There is now a variety of available options for staircases within Part K and this includes Mid Kent Mezzanine Industrial General Access Stairs.